Sunday, February 14, 2010

Trusting Science Response

Science has been one of many things that have helped America’s development. Science has helped in all fields and has made many breakthroughs. From the dawn of America, science has been there pushing for progress, but as we move forward many Americans have switched their views on the topic about science. According to the charts that are shown on Public Praises Science; Scientists Fault Public, Media, science has lost its value and Americans has lost confidence in scientists. I really don’t find it shocking on how people have lost their confidence in scientist because of two reasons: one, most of the time the American people are shut away from what goes on, and there is no communication between the scientist and the people. When scientist shut people away from all that is going on and don’t communicate everything, then people start looking for answers. In the article it talked about how, “A substantial percentage of scientists also say that the news media have done a poor job educating the public.” If the scientist knew that there was a poor education by the media, then why didn’t they come out and fix all the wrongs? Who better to teach the public than the scientist who are doing all the research projects? This is why many people hear and believe what the media tells them instead of trusting the scientist and we see this clearly in the charts the survey provides. As you can tell, the lack of communication between the people and the science has impacted the scientific world. I believe that science is a vital part of America and helps us progress to better things, but with advance there has to be some kind of relationship between the people and the science. Without it people will start to doubt more and more and could lead to a loss of care for science.

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