Saturday, February 27, 2010

Scott Westerfeld; A Step Up From Stephenson (favorite writer response for 2/26/10)

I'm sure you're all getting bored hearing about Neal Stephenson's novel, The Diamond Age, by now. However, I have been constantly reminded during the course of my reading of The Diamond Age of a similar novel series, written by Scott Westerfeld. Westerfeld is among one of my favorite writers for his work in The Uglies series. His series is an action packed, science fiction tale full of excitement and suspense, as Stephenson's novel is also. Westerfeld's series includes the visions of hoverboards, ancient ruins, skin transformations, and intelligent programs which run most of the world. He also writes of supremely advanced technology as far as partial brain control of a generation, and turning humans into superhumans with incredible powers through installment surgeries. The similarity between Stephenson's and Westerfeld's futuristic ideas is obvious, yet I prefer Westerfeld's style of writing more. Westerfeld is more simple in his descriptions, yet still prevails at providing visual images for his reader. He focuses upon imagery, providing detailed description of people's physical characteristics, along with their personality. His writings allow the reader to feel as if they are living in the book. Westerfelds series, including the books Uglies, Pretties, and Specials, is so addicting that I not only couldn't put the books down, I couldn't even take a break throughout the series! I was entranced by his tale and his futuristic visionary elements. Westerfeld also seems to write in a more modern style, appealing to readers of all ages, youth to adult. I first came across Westerfeld's books in high school, and he has remained on my "to-read" list ever since. Although I've already finished the Uglies series, Scott Westerfeld has numerous other series that are all full of fantasy, romance, and sci-fi. For any of those who enjoyed Neal Stephenson, or even liked Stephenson's ides but had trouble following his style, I highly recommend Scott Westerfeld.

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