Friday, February 26, 2010

Blog prompt: personal favorites

For the blog posts this week, write a little about your favorite writer. Tell us why that authors is a favorite and in particular what about the style appeals to you. Perhaps include a quotation from her/his writing to give us an example of what you like.


  1. My favorite author is definitely Janet Evanovich. She is fantastic and she definitely has a way with words. I admire her writing because it is genius how she is able to write a book filled with comedy, love, and mystery. All of her books are very similar just different plots and characters. I have read her entire Plum series...she is writing 16 now and is in contract until 17, but she loves what she does and I think she will continue to keep writing her amazing books. I would recommend this author's books to anybody because all the books have a little of something that most people like in it. She is very skilled in relating to her readers, because every time I read her books I get so involved that I practically miss hearing about that characters when I am done reading. I will give anybody interested in reading her books some advice; wait until you have time because once you pick these books up they are so hard to put down.

  2. My favorite Author is Wahida Clark. I like her books because they tell in detail sbout a different type of life style. The Majority of her books are a series that is focused around four women of different attitudes, their trials, their family, and the men in their life. Although her books have violence and crime in them, Her books are page turners. reading her books, i had no choice but to really care about the characters and wish the best for them. when i read her books its so hard to put down, and until i finish reading and finding out the outcomes of theh characters it seems like i cannot focus on anything else. There is never a dull moment in this book.while most books are boring while it is introducing the characters, but Wahida Clarks makes eveything interesting. Most of her settings are up north and desribe the life of people trying to make it out of poverty and people living dangerous lives in the "fast lane". I think this is another reason why i like her writing style. The life style that she is writing about, which is so much different from mine.

  3. My favorite author is Kay Allenbaugh. She was the author of the novel "Chocolate for a Teen's Dreams". This is a religious novel composed of stories told by others sharing their personal experiences they faced when they were teenagers. My mother gave me this book when i was in middle school to help to guide me throughout my upcoming teen years. I enjoyed the reading of this book and even to this day, I sometimes refer to this book to give me information from a religious stand point. Being that i am heavily engulfed in my religion I find it very important to receive information that supports that.