Sunday, February 7, 2010

I believe that none of the books, dictionaries or any sort of reading should be banded... People get so scared if their child finds something out about things like "sex" and/or violence. Children are growing, they have far more interesting things to do rather than look up words in a dictionary. Even if somehow they did head or read something about sex and violence, let's face it. this is the world we live in. You can protect them all you want but eventually they will face those things whether you want them too or not. I do agree on "drawing the line" for children, by that I mean that shildren "should not" be exposed to such things at an age that's too young, but isolating them from those things is like cutting them off from the world around them. It's inevitable and if they do somehow read up on something that the parents should not deny it or say those things are bad but instead they should sit down and explain those things to their child. A lot of parents might disagree with me on my opinion but i know from my own childhood, I've faced those things at an early age. I grew up in a country where all i saw on the news was violence and so on, that didnt mess me up but instead it made me mature faster. People afraid that if their children are exposed to those things it might mess them up in the future, but maybe the problem is in how the parents handle the situation. Guarding their kids too much and being overprotectice. Dont get me the wrong way i do not want the parents to go ahead and show their kid all those things. A parent should be cautious not overprotective, sex is something most kids experience sround the age of fitreen. Youngsters should be guided to make the right decisions, and maybe they should know about those things and they should be told the consequences that will follow if those things are done. Some things children should learn on their own, if they are taught of what's wrong and what's right, when they face the situation they will make the right decision.

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  1. I think kids should be exposed to heavy literature at a young age. I think it helps them to become more well rounded and develop well formed thoughts earlier on in life.