Thursday, January 21, 2010

Google in China

In the spirit of our conversations about censorship:
For several years now, Google has been complying with demands from the Chinese gov't that they censor - remove from results - certain pages while operating in China. For example, a search run on a Chinese server would turn up no hits about this or this or this.
Now Google is changing its policy.
In response to a series of cyber attacks on google servers (which Google implies were launched from people w/in the Chinese gov't], many of which were apparently targeted at the Gmail accounts of human rights advocates, Google has decided to no longer censore results in China. They claim that if this means the Chinese gov't forces them to pull out of doing business in China - an ENORMOUS market - they are willing.

In an organized way, write a response to this situation. What do you think of Google's decision? How about the decision to filter results in the first place? What do you think about why things changed? What is the balance (if any) between freedom of information and respecting the sovereignty/authority of foreign governments/cultures?

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