Saturday, January 23, 2010

Google in China Response

I respect Google's decision about not filtering any more results even if it means losing business in China. The fact that Google agreed to censor results in the first place shows great compromise on their part. This is because America is a democratic country where freedom of speech has far less limitations than in communist China. I believe China should have been content with the initial agreement. Furthermore, as always, it is human nature to want more, they were not just pleased with the limitations already in place and hacked accounts of human rights advocates. Curiosity or just greed for knowledge about what these advocates are doing to have more human rights may have been the reason why China did this. Nevertheless, America respected their request to censor certain information because of their type of government and China should not have violated our privacy by hacking Gmail accounts. There might have been a balance between freedom of information and respecting other governments but not anymore. China did not respect our freedoms when we respected theirs.

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