Sunday, January 24, 2010

Google and China

I think that Google would make a good decision to not censor anymore and pull out all together with China. I think i would be really upset if the government tried to censor what i was trying to learn and look up, though it does make sense that a communist country would attempt to keep their people ignorant to knowledge regarding the world in general, especially things as large as those mentioned.

Google obviously went against their ethics, doing a favor (if you will) for China for what I can only assume to be a large sum of money. Google had apparently realized that it was unbecoming to continue keeping a country ignorant of this knowledge, and will perhaps lose China's enormous market as a result. Even though China is a business customer Google should never bend their policies and ethics to pacify a market, Especially when its something like hiding information from a population.

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  1. I completely agree that Google is doing the right thing by removing censored results from the Chinese market. As both Duniel and T. Busbin stated, Google was catering to the Chinese government in the first place, and their lack of respect for this cooperation has cost them their censored results. I can understand why Google would initially agree to do such a thing. The people of China are limited in the information that they have access to already, so Google was allowing them access to a service, while keeping with the standards they are accustomed to. It seems as though Google’s initial decision was driven purely by business. I feel that their current actions and willingness to lose this segment of their business show that they do care about ethics and are a respectable company. This is also a smart business decision, one that has the potential to grow their business on the basis of good moral standing.